Newborn Baby Photography (including a dog friend!) in North Vancouver BC

Okay, I have to say... this family is about as good lookin' and nice as they come.  I loved working with them.

We did have some drama though! The day of the photoshoot, my wonderful assistant Sarah packed her car up with some blankets and props and headed out to my place. On the way over, she promptly got in a fender bender! Not her fault at all, but police, tow trucks etc, had to come and help her.  Not to be daunted, she gave me a call, I picked her up and away we went to rock this photoshoot anyway! We all had a good laugh about it when we arrived and I think Jen may have offered us coffee with Baileys :) 

Charlie (new baby) and Huckleberry (old baby) were both delights to work with. Jen and her husband had just moved into their beautiful new home and it was a photographer's dream.. filled with light, and a beautiful minimalist decor.  I can't wait to go back for another shoot, because rumour has it Jen is expecting again...